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Now in Wheeling, IL, and now in Ketchikan, Alaska, with an entry-level salary of $25,000 a year and the opportunity to experience a chance to work in a remote wilderness lodge and earn a lot of money, visit our website for more information. A great resource for those interested in seasonal jobs is the event "CoolWorks

Other activities include swimming in pristine Alaska waters, fishing for saltwater king salmon and halibut and kayaking. There are few museums in town that cater for interpretive guides, such as the Ketchikan Museum of Natural History and the Alaska State Museum, and many more.

Interested parties can pick up application forms from the Service Center or drop them off or call Randy Stepper at 907 - 247 - 2481 to arrange an interview. Qualified applicants can drop by at 3050 Fifth Avenue in Ketchikan or submit an application by fax 905 - 258 - 6052 or by email [email protected].

Full-time work consists of a shift day on Sunday and Saturday, which can include alternating shifts or shift divisions. Applicants who require adequate housing (e.g. disability, physical or mental disability) should contact the TSA helpdesk at 905 - 258 - 6052 or 907 - 247 - 2481 for more information. Adequate accommodation is required when the way things normally work allows a person with a disability to apply for a job, fulfil work duties and have equal access to work benefits. It is a way of doing things that normally enable people with disabilities to apply for jobs and fulfil their - the - duty to work and receive the same benefits and benefits as other workers.

Payment of bi-weekly bonding incentives approved by the TSA for highly skilled employees hired and retained at the site. Paid health insurance, paid leave and sick leave, health care and other benefits depend on employment status. The salary range ranges from $35,000 to $50,500 for full-time workers, with the maximum salary for part-time workers being $55,400.

Some jobs may force successful applicants to pass background checks, including fingerprints, as a condition for employment. Applicants who qualify for this option may receive a conditional job offer. Proof of the license is required to perform mandatory and background checks on all applicants, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability.

Applicants who require adequate accommodation during the application process should follow the instructions in this vacancy notice. If an application does not have the minimum qualification, applicants can enter the job interview and selection phase.

The deckhand position in passenger service is needed because jobs in Ketchikan are generally part-time jobs, not full-time jobs, and many of the Katcheikan Tours take place on the water.

Many captains like to hire deckhands with at least some experience, and the activities vary from working in the salmon canning factory on land to working part-time in the fish and game department of Ketchikan or even a full-time job. Some salmon processing activities, such as processing, processing and shipping of salmon, require prior knowledge and Many of the jobs on Katcheikan Tours require fishing experience.

Volunteering contributes to the development of important skills, knowledge and skills and can provide valuable training and experience that translates directly into paid employment. Experience in a commercial sector, such as electricians, brings you certifications and confirmations associated with this sector.

In fact, the best time to look for seasonal jobs in Ketchikan, Alaska, is in January and February. There are many employment opportunities for K fetchikan, whether in the oil and gas industry, construction, agriculture, retail or any other sector. If you are looking for a full-time seasonal job with good pay and benefits, you can find it here.

Most employers in the tourism sector prefer applicants who can work the entire season from May to September, and many even pay bonuses for finishing the season. If you are looking for a new career, graduating in social services, expanding your existing skills, and being content to provide services to a population that needs them in this amazing coastal community, the Gateway Center for Human Services is the employer for you. This position is designed to ensure that you provide individuals - centered, hands - in service to the community of Ketchikan, Alaska. Become part of our team and become part of a great community where you can meet friends and family, meet great people, see beautiful areas and not forget where you can meet and work with great people.

First Student Driving Instructors are now hiring a Driving Instructor for First Student and are now being hired for that!

I always say that seasonal jobs are the only jobs I know where the world is going, and that most people who work in sales in Ketchikan will come back year after year. A friend of mine used to work in a sales position and he told me it was a great paid job. Of course there are good and bad sales days, but I am sure that most of the people who work in Ketchikan sales will come back years and years.