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When most people think of Alaska, they think of a few things: the mountains, the glaciers, and the Russia that you can see from there. Drive down the tunnel that divides Ketchikan, Alaska, into two And you will end up with this hidden gem of an American classic. This local favorite offers a taste of classic American caterpillars that will keep you dreaming of this hole in the wall for years to come. I know you won't necessarily see what this "hole in the wall" joint is, but who knows?

Don't forget to pay for this eatery, as the price is higher than any other restaurant you'll find in Ketchikan, Alaska. You may also want to stop by at one of the other restaurants in the area, such as Alaska Bar and Grill. Either way, while you're a Ketchikan, you might want to click here to explore our K fetchikan Alaska cruise.

Located on the southwest coast of Revillagigedo Island, it is the first port of call in Alaska and is located at the mouth of Ketchikan Creek, one of the largest rivers in the state of Alaska. With the prosperity that came from salmon mining, a red light district was created, built on piles along the K fetchikan River. While logging is a part of history, forestry is still one of the most important industries in the city. Due to its proximity to the coast and the fact that it is a popular stopover for cruise ships, Katchikan is also a popular destination for Alaska's largest cruise line, Alaska Line.

We visited a dive bar and a club, Showboat, where we could see some pretty looking girls and enjoy the fireplace. This place was not turned into a full-blown strip club, but rather into a bar, restaurant and bar.

With the idea of cruising alone, we boarded the Norwegian Jewel and set sail for Ketchikan. We would take a 2-day ferry ride to Skagway, drive to Whitehorse, take another ride on the Prince William Sound ferry to Prince George Island and then fly to Katcheikan to spend our first night in town and one night in a hotel.

One of the highlights of our cruise experience are the glaciers, which represent everything untouched nature. The rugged landscape, consisting of waterfalls, trestles, tunnels and gorges, led us a little touristy. However, we decided to avoid the tourist traps and enjoy the quiet location of Tongass in the protected waters.

The Great Alaska Lumberjack Show celebrates loggers who challenge themselves to dozens of thematic strength exercises, whether it's carrying a seven-pound axe or chainsaw or climbing a tree.

Ketchikan's nightlife can include anything from dancing at First City Saloon to an evening at Asylum Bar, a local favorite. Here you'll find a wide selection of Alaskan brews lined up for tap-rehearsals. The bar has 22 options of locally brewed draught beers and has some of the best local craft beer options in town, such as the Blue Moon IPA. In addition to the cheap local beers, the Asyl Bar is also known for its themed events and parties throughout the year, as well as for its wide selection of local food and drinks for the local community.

To find out more about how this list came about and what makes this place more exciting than the rest, just read on.

The restaurant has been in the historic Gilmore Hotel since 1927 and still exudes the flair of the 1920s, including the days when ketchikan felt more like the Wild West. But, you know what, Burger Queen is not a label for an Alaskan fast food chain, but a restaurant.

This cosy joint offers some of the best beer options in Alaska available throughout the state, but as a lounge it does not qualify for the list of "Best Restaurants in Alaska." To get the morning off to a proper start and stroll through the picturesque streets of downtown Ketchikan, Alaska, head to the local brewery (you could use the superbly named roast). Then you can stroll along the discreet promenade, which was built in the days of the K'chikan red light district. If port is a little early for clams, chowder and beer, we'll go for a beer or two at a local brewery.

Call the state Department of Labor and ask them to explain the rules for strip clubs in Alaska. Take a deep breath and hopefully dive deeper into the magic and mystery that Southeast Alaska has to offer. The Misty Fjords National Monument is such an unspoilt and phenomenal place that you won't get to experience everything in one day. But it is only when you drive through this majestic kingdom of the wilderness that you realise that it is a bargain.

Fairbanks has both quantitative and qualitative advantages when it comes to the streets with shops, restaurants, bars, hotels and even a few strip clubs when it comes to food. Bethel has some delicious food in places like Dimitri and Chopstix, but actually has delicious food to do. Kenai is the first country to have the highest number of restaurants per capita in Alaska, ranking second behind Fairbanks and third in the state behind Anchorage.

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More About Ketchikan