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Ketchikan, Alaska is perhaps the first town I knew in Alaska after arriving on my journey north to Alaska, and one of the first to settle in there. It was perhaps not only my first experience of the city, but it also attracted a whole host of others.

Ketchikan is surrounded by inhabited rainforest and mountains and is washed by coastal waters that are home to a variety of fish, whales, seals, walruses and other wildlife. It is part of the Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary, is dominated by fertile rainforests and vegetation. The numerous wildlife include a number of birds of prey such as sea lions, sea otters and seals. I would like to take a closer look at some of these magnificent birds, but I'm sure I'll have to wait.

In the Village Store facilities you can buy a variety of items such as clothing, jewelry, furniture and other items for your home or business. One shop offers salmon from the region, carved masks and a wide range of jewelry. The treasures, both ancient and modern, are not hard to find here, and Creek Street offers many opportunities for those looking for something remarkable to serve as a focal point for their home.

There is much to see and do in this beautiful destination, but first here is what you should know about Ketchikan, Alaska. You may also want to explore Alaska further and read what you can do near Anchorage Alaska for 24 hours. If you are attracted to the beauty of Alaska and its unique culture and natural beauty, consider K fetchikan Alaska for your next vacation.

Ketchikan Dry Goods is home to some of the best locally produced jewelry in the state of Alaska. Chinook Company offers everything from jewelry, clothing, home accessories, furniture and more. The Scanlon Gallery is a hit and offers a wide selection of artworks, jewelry and other items for sale.

During your visit to Potlatch Park, you will also discover the Carving Center where Tlingit carvers make new totem poles, as well as other vehicles, including the Museum of Antique Cars. You will also visit Totem Park, where you will learn about the magnificent totem poles, visit the clan house and learn about the history of the Ketchikan Indians and their history and culture.

The Southeast Alaska Discovery Center is a collection of maps that will help you navigate and uncover everything Ketchikan has to offer. Learn about the game of Alaska pastures along the coast and the surrounding natural habitats. The Arctic Spirit Gallery is located in the Southeast Anchorage Convention Center, where you will find it in front of the Museum of Antique Cars.

This is one of the most popular salmon viewing areas in Ketchikan, Alaska, and attracts crowds of visitors flocking to the city's best shopping to take photos.

The cool historic buildings along the creek are beautiful and picturesque, but Creek Street in Ketchikan, Alaska, has so much more to offer. The waterfalls, rainforests and cliffs can leave you speechless, as the princess recommends. You can also book views of the surrounding area and all of K fetchikan's attractions, including Creek Street. Be sure to check what your tour includes and ask in the gift shop if you can attend the Native Dance Shows.

If you choose a local individual or business, make sure your souvenir is handmade and 100% Alaskan. Look for official "Made in Alaska" symbols to make sure you are buying an authentic product, not a manufactured scammer. Make sure the item is created by a resident artist or artisan and search for the "Make - in - Alaska" brand on the back of your gift or in front of the gift shop, making sure it represents a bear and kitten intertwined, and, if selected, local individuals, businesses and / or manufacturers.

I put this knife in my checked luggage when I flew home from the cruise, but I had to return to the guide and stop to buy it. Where to find it: Return to Ketchikan Alaska Shopping Center, where you can find this knife and other items in the "Made in Alaska" section.

The cable car to Cape Fox Hill takes you to the top and offers a magnificent view of the waterfront. Dave will take you on a tour of the area, including Ketchikan Alaska bear watching and bear watching. You will be taken on a number of tours offered, including the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska National Park and Kodiak Island State Park.

We also do a guided city and coastal bike tour that will take you from downtown Ketchikan to Herring Cove. Michelle can take us on a tour that includes a flight to Kodiak Island State Park, bear watching and bear hunting.

More About Ketchikan

More About Ketchikan