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The Ketchikan Kings have reclaimed their spot at the top of the men's basketball standings by winning their second consecutive game in overtime against DePaul. Menard wants to be a favorite walk - further in the NCAA Division I, but more than six minutes of scoreless basketball ended a period that went back to the fourth quarter. De Paul sank 6 of 11 field goal attempts in the second half, including two three-point throws, and the Knicks (10-1, 3-0) recovered with two three-point field goals and two free throws. Four seconds before the end of regulation time on Saturday, Katcheikan senior Robert "Hilton" Seludo took a third chance - a rebound chance - and put the Kings back in the game to lead past Dimond (2-4, 1-2).

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In Ketchikan, the district's total activity budget is about $1.2 million, much of it spent on travel. Medford estimates the total travel costs for the year are $45,000, and the school district gives each team $20,000. If you want kids to compete, coaches and athletes have to raise as much money as they can to help the districts. The money comes from donations, donations from the community and people living in Katchikan and outside the city.

At football matches like the one at Seward, the cost of travel doesn't seem to matter once the players are on the field and they forget about it. They make Ketchikan a fantastic place to watch the game and the games themselves, not only for the fans but also for their players.

I'd have to go to the Alibi Bar & Cafe, hoping to see a game like the one against Homer or miss the sporting event in Juneau. If you're in Ketchikan and hoping to watch, then head to Tubby's BBQ & Sports Bar, where there's a good chance you'll be able to buy plenty of food and drink, as well as good beer and wine.

The bar connected to the Polaris Hotel has an HD TV, which is so good that games can be broadcast at any time. They also have a single NFL game that is broadcast on eight HD TVs throughout the season, and they host events almost every night of the week, from a DJ to karaoke. Tailgaters Sports Bar & Grill offers live NFL games and a variety of other sporting events on the menu.

Ketchikan also has one of the best baseball and softball fields in the state of Alaska, Norman Walker Field. It used to be played at NormanWalker Field, home to the Alaska State High School baseball team, but now it is a full-time facility where the Ketchikans' baseball and softball players can play throughout the season.

If you're looking for the best fishing options offered by Anglers Adventures Outfitters, check out Ketchikan Fish and Game Fish Farm. They offer some of the best fishing in the state of Alaska, a wide selection of fishing gear and are known for the ins and outs of the water. That makes their farm a place for game days, not only for baseball and softball, but also for fishing and hunting.

Brown graduated from Seattle Pacific University and worked as a youth athlete with young athletes from the Indian Community of Ketchikan Gateway. He returned to Katcheikan, where he has been a fixture since his time at JDHS when he played in K fetchikan.

Ketchikan sports teams raise tens of thousands of dollars so their players can compete against other schools and sometimes pay for travel to home games. Schools in the Southeast have an agreement to pay for their own team's travel, but basketball coach Eric Stockhausen says people are less aware of that.

He considers the fact that schools in the outer districts are paying to be a problem for those living in more remote parts of the state. Nelson says that while city schools occasionally pay for the ride, the ride to school can be a crushing burden for some.

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