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On a cruise to Ketchikan, Alaska, you will discover and understand why this small town of just over 8,000 people earned a spot among the top attractions in the US, and now you know why. Zip through the trees, kayaking, mountain biking, hiking and zip-climbing are among the hottest tours and adventures in Alaska. It has a lot of natural beauty, not to mention fabulous examples of Alaska's history scattered throughout the city, as well as a rich cultural heritage.

The Southeast Alaska Discovery Center is full of maps that will help you navigate and discover everything Ketchikan has to offer. The museum is a great place to see and experience the history of the city and its people, as well as its history as a tourist destination.

The Totem Heritage Center had original, unrestored totem poles that were rescued from an abandoned village. There are also Ketchikan, Alaska cruises, which include a tour of the city and a visit to the Totem Museum. The Southeast Alaska Discovery Center offers a wide selection of books, maps, and a variety of other educational activities for children.

This is why a seaplane ride over the Nebelfjords is one of the top activities on a ketchikan cruise in Alaska. The exciting ride and bear watching in the area will surely delight you, and it is one of the most popular activities on the cruise line. MistyFjord Flight Sea Heights combine a seaplane ride through the beautiful mountains of Alaska with an Orcas Cove Sea Kayaking Tour.

You may also want to explore Alaska further and read what you can do in Anchorage, Alaska, in 24 hours. When visiting the Southeast Alaska Discover Center, be sure to stop by to learn more about the local culture.

In addition to the aforementioned totem park, Saxman Native Village is another place to visit to learn about the native people of South Alaska and also to view totem poles. In addition to the totems in the parks below and the totem parks mentioned above, this is a place you can visit in Anchorage, Alaska, to learn not only from the native people of South Alaska, but also to see some of these totem poles!

If you've ever enjoyed watching logging shows on ESPN or the History Channel, this is a must-do - visit activities you can do while visiting Ketchikan. If you are short of time or just want to see the famous Misty Fjords National Monument from a unique perspective, have a look at the view below. One of the most exciting activities in K-12 is flying sailing on a tour, and it is located just a few miles from downtown Anchorage, Alaska. There are also a few Katchikan Alaska tours that can take you on guided walks along Ward Creek, as well as a guided hike to the top of Ward's Creek itself, but you don't have to visit them.

If you're looking for something unique during your visit to Ketchikan, Alaska Crab Fisherman's Tour should be on your list. Once you have completed your cruise plans in Katchikan Alaska, you can reach someone who specializes in Alaska cruises, Sharon Whiting.

It will take you through a number of tours offered, including the Ketchikan Alaska Bear Viewing Tour and the Alaska Crab Fisherman's Tour. Dave will take you on a tour of the area, which includes bear watching, crab fishing and even a visit to the bear sanctuary.

During their short visit, passengers will visit one of the park's totem poles, visit the museum at the Southeast Alaska Discovery Center, explore a winding road at close range and explore the narrow winding roads. Explore the area and let yourself be caught up in history as you stroll along Creek Street. Enjoy a visit to the Ketchikan Alaska Museum of Natural History and Alaska Crab Fisherman's Tour, as well as a stroll through the city.

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Ketchikan Outdoor offers a variety of activities for children and adults, from kayaking to canoeing to hiking and more. We give 5% of the travel price to charities, including the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Alaska Parks and Wildlife and Alaska Conservation Society, as well as other local organizations.

Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary is also located in the Tongass National Forest, about fifteen minutes south of Ketchikan. It is located in the national forest, which is home to a variety of wildlife, such as grizzly bears, elks, elks, wolves and other wildlife. The Alaska National Wildlife Refuge, the largest wildlife refuge in North America, is located a few miles north of Ketchikian and is a great place to hike, camp, fish, kayak, mountain bike and more.

More About Ketchikan

More About Ketchikan